SEO Service Companies

SEO companies provide a service to website owners.  A Search Engine Optimization, SEO, & Internet Marketing Company helps optimize the site so that it is more likely to be shown higher in search engines results page.  They do that in two ways.  First, they optimize the on page code and content.  Second, they help build incoming links from other sites to your site.

The first is known as on-page SEO. It involves streamlining the code so the search engines can more easily access the text content. A good example can be seen at Market Pro Media in there home page.  It also tries to place the text content higher up in the source code order and adding the proper amount of keywords in the content.  The longer the content, the better.  It ensures that you are using proper title tags, header tags, and alt tags.   All of these measures improve user experience as well as improve search engine ranking.

The second area is known as off-page SEO.  It is well known that Google value websites that have a lot of high-quality inbound links from the authoritative and respected sites.  SEO companies help you find these valuable incoming links.  They will persuade these authoritative websites to try to link to your site and will sometimes judiciously pay them for a link that they deem as valuable.  The judgment of the SEO company is important because buying excellent links from certain selected websites may be acceptable — as long as that link is embedded within relevant content from a page of the same subject matter and if that is the only way to obtain that valuable link.  But other than that, buying links is not a good idea.  And certainly buying links from a link farm or a website that specifically sells links would be a bad idea.

This kind of judgment call cannot be automated.  It must be done by an experienced SEO company and is very time-consuming.

That is why you should never sign up for a company that states that they would get you thousands of links for a few dollars.  If they can’t do it that cheaply, then it must be an automated process that will get you lots of link from low-quality websites.  This is not a good idea.  The quality of the incoming link is more important than the quantity.

White Hat versus Black Hat Techniques

You do not want a company that employs black hat techniques such as spamming, cloaking, and so on.  First of all, it is unethical.  And second of all, it doesn’t work.

Since it is not likely that an SEO company would ever advertise themselves as “black hat”, finding an SEO company can be difficult.  They all say they use ethical techniques, and they all say they will generate results.

It is difficult to know which SEO companies follows best practices. And it is difficult to judge their performance, especially when many of the tasks they perform are beyond the technical expertise of most website owners.  Therefore, our best advice would be to get recommendations from people in the field who have used or have experience with a particular SEO company.

Valuable Google Analytics Advance Segments for Marketing

To use Google Analytics is fairly common these days, but if you are not using Google Analytics Advance Segments you are missing out on a valuable analysis tool that will help you understand study specific type of traffic visiting your website.

Google Analytics gives you a consolidated data of your website visitors. We know that the website visitors have something in common with each other, yet they are different in so many ways. Like a visitor may be accessing your website through a smartphone whereas another visitor may be using a desktop computer. This is where Google Analytics Advance Segments is most helpful.

There are some Google Analytics Advance Segments like new visitors, paid search visitors, etc., which are included in the default segment section and is available to all users. But the beauty of advance segments is that you can create your custom advance segments to suit your specific needs.

Here are four Valuable Google Analytics Advance Segments that would help you understand your audience better: Brand Keywords

If you are an upcoming brand, it’s important to know how popular your brand and how effective are your branding efforts. This segment will give you an insight as to how many visitors already know your brand name and search for your website and how they behave differently from the visitors who land on your page through generic search. In most cases this set of the audience is trying to reach to your brand and is probably buying from you as well.Visits with conversions (A default segment)

If you are an e-commerce website or even a blog which sells things, the visitors which convert a click into a purchase are truly valuable to your business. You can analyze which pages they visit most, what is the landing page, which page they spend the most time on etc. This information will help you convert more visits into actual transactions.

People from different countries react differently to your website content or the products you try to sell. There could be a set of the audience from 1 particular country that follows your website thoroughly or your content appeals to them the most. This can give you insights on what works and what doesn’t work across countries if you are trying to establish an international website.Social Media Traffic

Social media marketing is a big chunk of your marketing mix. Brand pages have thousands of followers across different social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, Twitter, etc. But how many of these followers find your content interesting and follow it to your website? With this advanced segment, you can improve your social media content management to see a change in website traffic.

3 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

There’s more to Twitter than being a platform used to vent frustrations or share day-to-day random encounters.

It definitely has several uses which you can maximize to make your life easier and better, without shedding bucks.Advertising.

Do you own business? Or do you have a friend advertising his business?

Perhaps you have plenty of followers. Or you decided to make your account public. You can then use your page to promote goods or services, or anything that you wish would attract attention from a particular group.

For instance, post updates about a contest you are holding. Use this as a strategy to gain more followers, and let people know that you exist. This is especially beneficial for those starting their own business and is yet to afford commercial advertising costs.

Aside from advertising purposes, Twitter also can be used to communicate with prospective or existing clients in a faster, more convenient way. Information sharing

Did you find a useful post?

To tweet or not to tweet: How companies are reining in social media

Twitter is also an avenue that allows you disseminate valuable information. Share links to the page where you read the good news or article for instance. If it is that worthy, your followers are likely to pick them up and their followers, in turn, might also retweet.

And people will thank you for your initiative to spread good, positive reads. Chances are, you might even gain new followers as they find your posts helpful.Looking to help

How many times have you read celebrities tweeting about disasters hitting countries, and them asking donations or any form of help for relief operations?

Have you come across a tweet from a stranger asking for help finding missing people or pets, or gathering funds for a costly medical operation to push through?

Twitter unites people for a good cause; that is despite varying beliefs and opinions on matters.

And if you are among these individuals who are always more than willing to reach out to those who need help then congratulations! You have just put your Twitter account to good use.Follow inspirations

Who here would not be able to use some sort of inspiration?

With all these negativities that we encounter everyday – from the news, at the workplace and even at home – there’s no doubt uplifting messages could be of big help. So you can be reminded that things are not really that worse, after all.

Take advantage of whichever way you can use Twitter to help you make feel better. Follow people you look up to as inspirations or accounts that supply its followers with motivational quotes you can ponder on. Drop by their pages just before you start or end your day.Hunting for jobs

Companies today utilize Twitter to forge connections with their customers.

They also use the social networking site to inform their followers about latest updates on their services, give clients a heads-up on interruptions they might experience, as well as inform people about job opportunities they are opening.

So, the dream of working for a particular company? Follow them on their Twitter account today. It might be more updated than their website.

Marketing Keyword Research Tools People Fail to Notice

Search engine optimization is an ever changing aspect of internet marketing, whether it is because a major search engine changes their algorithms or because of the way people decide to search. It doesn’t matter the reason ; it is important that you change with it. We are going to be covering 7 incredible tools that can take your keywords to the next level.Word Tracker

This is a powerful tool that continues to be an asset to many SEO specialists. It helps with a variety of keyword research aspects, such as getting you suggested keywords, information about how competitive they are, and also previous statistic so you can compare. There are also a variety of other tools that will help you with SEO and content optimization. The program costs $69 a month but comes with a free trial to let you figure out if you want to stay with them or not. Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing isn’t as big as Google, but still receive a large amount of traffic. They provide a basic keyword research tool that has reliable data and won’t cost you a thing. All you have to do is sign up for the Bing Webmaster Tools, and you will be able to get search results based off of what language, region, or country you are looking to target.HitTail

This is a tool that was made to find good keywords at the lower end of the tail, the less popular terms. The special part about this tool is that it actually uses the traffic that is already going to your site to give you suggested keywords. There are four different payment plans, so you can choose between them, but you can also test out the free trial.UberSuggest

The main focus is to help you find keywords that will best benefit your website and pulls all of its data not only from major search engines but from all types of other engines. The data is very reliable and doesn’t cost you anything, so you can always check it out and see for yourself.Keyword Discovery

It has the ability to look at historical trends, bid values for pay per click campaigns, and also how effective the keyword would be. Combine all of the data together, and you have a much easier way of checking to see if you should be targeting those keywords or not. The tool comes with a free trial, but if you want to continue using it, you will need to pay $199.99 for a monthly subscription or $1,895.00 per year.KeywordSpy Like all of the premium tools, you will get all of your in-depth keyword research data, but this tool provides you with much more information. It focuses on your competition and what they are up to. It is an incredible tool to keep ahead of your competition and is worth trying.Google Keyword Tool

Lastly, the Google tool. Although it is quite popular, it is worth mentioning just in case. It gives you the amount of searches per month, how much competition you will encounter, and a list of similar search terms. While it doesn’t provide the in-depth information that other premium tools would, it’s worth checking out.

All in all, these tools should give you a get advantage in your SEO strategies. If you are still new to keyword research, don’t worry because the more you do it, the easier it will be to find perfect keywords for your campaigns.